Accident Recovery

Swift Accident Recovery in Parker, AZ

Sometimes, something more than a tow is required. If you’ve been in an accident, veered off the road, or experienced some other unexpected issue on the road, Parker Towing & Storage is here to help with a tow truck in Parker, AZ. We will recover your vehicle and clean up the scene to guarantee your safety. We specialize in heavy-duty and ultra-heavy-duty recovery. This means that no matter how heavy your vehicle is, we have the capability to handle it.

Accident Recovery

Furthermore, we will take the time to tow away your vehicle the right way. If the damage can be eliminated or minimized, we will always take the pathway to accomplish that goal. Your property matters, which is why we will always go above and beyond to ensure that your vehicle or equipment is well taken care of.

Serving drivers in Yuma County, AZ, La Paz County, AZ, Mohave County, AZ, Riverside County, CA, San Bernardino County, CA, Imperial County, CA and the surrounding areas.

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